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Cat Town is excited to announce the grand opening of the Cat Town Café – the nation’s first cat café – on October 25, 2014!

A partnership with Adam Myatt of Hoodcats, the Cat Town Café and Adoption Center is located at 2869 Broadway in downtown Oakland, CA (map).

The Cafe will allow us to help many more shelter cats and kittens find homes.

Please consider helping us make the Café space extra special for cats, kittens, and visitors, by making a donation, and guarantee your entry into the Cat Zone by making a reservation at the Cat Town Café website.

Follow our progress on the Cat Town Café Facebook page and the Cat Town Café blog!

How the Cat Town Café furthers our Rescue Mission

Cat Town began as an all-volunteer foster-based rescue organization in 2011. As shelter volunteers, we saw that cats at the Oakland shelter who were scared, sick or older, or traumatized by having just lost their homes, rarely made it into adoption and were even less likely to be taken by a rescue group.

Having started first with the hardest-to-place cats, we’ve helped over 600 at-risk cats who were considered “unadoptable” in a shelter environment.

With the Cafe, we’re able to expand our mission to find homes for cats who aren’t harder to place, but who are competing for space at the busy open-admission Oakland shelter, especially during summer and fall when the shelter receives hundreds of displaced kittens.

The Cafe allows us to not only empty more cages, but allow the cats who remain at the Oakland shelter to get more attention from volunteers, stay healthier, and have more opportunity for sooner adoption with fewer cats and kittens competing for attention.

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